The London Assembly
Web Design, Brand Identity, Art Direction
Agency – Make

The London Assembly is a small boutique in Frankfurt Germany, opened by a British expat, with the intention of showcasing what Britain has to offer in terms of women's fashion, homeware and childrenswear.

The name had already been decided upon and initial ideas from the client for the brand identity revolved around Union Jack flags and British Bulldogs but after further discussion it was agreed that the name signified the company origins and a more pared-back, refined identity was required without the need to be overtly ‘British’.

The name is quite long, so a roundel marque was designed, allowing for greater flexibility. A delicate feminine logotype is used in conjuntion with tones of purple to convey a slightly regal feeling, as it was found (through the owner's reasearch with German friends) that the Queen is seen as a compelling icon of Britishness.

The full collateral includes website with integrated blog, stationery, gift cards, stickers, promo cards, html email template, press adverts, clothing tags and shop signage.